The New Technology for Hair Removal Problem

Gone are those days when women have to hurt themselves to achieve fine, smooth, hairless skin, but everything changed with the Braun silk epil. This new hair removing gadget was recently introduced on the Amazon marketplace, more advanced and more comfortable to use. It was invented with the intent of providing the gentleness and comfort needed by women during the hair removal procedure. Its design is conceptualized from a new technological approach in hair removal solutions. Introducing, the epilator a new and advanced technique in hair removal.

The Braun Company discovered and achieved new heights of providing solutions to any hair removal issues, especially with women. The Braun Silk Epil is the newest product of Braun.

This product is designed ergonomically to provide comfort. It is easy to handle and has painless epilation when removing unwanted hairs. There are three types of advance epilators from Braun, the wet and dry body system, easy start face and body system, and easy start body system. A newly developed design, and concept providing the best solution for your hair and skin care regimen. With the Braun Silk Epil collection, being pretty and beautifully gorgeous is now within your reach.

Braun Silk Epil Wet and Dry Body System

The Braun silk epil wet and dry body system is the best choice epilator that can be used and most applicable in the wet and dry environment. For better and gentler epilation use this in the privacy of your bath or shower. The warm effect of water soothes your skin as hair removal is done.

You can use Braun silk epil easily on the body and face. This is the unique Braun silk epil product that can be used for a multipurpose reason.  The principle of this Braun silk epil product is adaptable for body and face hair removal uses. Its head can pivot in the back and front directions following contours of your legs, thus providing comfort and gentleness. It has the capacity that lifts, loosens and gently removes little flat, lying and thin hairs on the roots. Resulting a longer period of smooth, silky skin. The smooth and gently vibrations provide you a comforting massage stimulating the skin before and soothe after the removal of hairs. It can be used for face and body hair removal. It has the strength and intensity of removing hard and thick body hairs, and can subtly remove soft and fine facial hairs.  An underarm cap is also included for removing your underarms unwanted hairs.

Braun Silk Epil Easy Start Body System

Braun silk epil easy start body system is the easiest and most relaxing epilator on the market. Easy functions are incorporated in this unit for simple usage of those who are only new in using an epilator. This unit is exclusive for body hair removal use only. It is designed to remove from soft to stubborn body hairs. It has an Olay pre wipes package included smoothing skin after hair is removed. A beginners cap is provided as an accessory for easy use of beginners.

For those who are new to using an epilator, this system is simple and effortlessly usable for any hair removal problem. Braun silk epil products are safe and secure for anybody’s use, and it can be used for different types of hair, and very adaptable and compatible with different types of skin. Braun silk epil products are the best choice of epilator for you. All models of this product are designed with integrated smart light to be able to see very smooth hairs. The shaver head and trimmer cap of Braun silk epil products are very ideal for bikini and long hair trimming.